Why I used supplements over surgery to lose 240lbs in 17 months

Its no secret super morbid obesity is hard to battle back from.

Your body has changed. Your body is no longer functioning like that of a person at a healthy BMI. The excess fat has added pain pressure and more obstacles to just a health and fitness routine. It affects your everyday life.

Even simple tasks like going to the bathroom are painful and hard. You break most of the things you sit or lay on eventually. People stare or shun. No one wants to get caught gawking at the fat one.

Its an isolating and painful life most times driven by emotional eating at the very least and usually accompanied by several eating disorders. For me it was food addiction and BED.

I used food as a punishment a reward and a friend. There never was a moment of the day i wasn’t thinking of food. From the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. Even my dreams usually involved food.

So how does one battle back from such extremes?

Most choose surgery. Some type of stomach shrinking stapling removing of some sort. Drs go in to repair your stomach from its new larger capsity stretched version back to a smaller state. They cut use bands or samples in the the past.

I’ve seen first hand the complications that come along with surgery for some people. I knew the long term success rate on surgery is sketchy at best because its just a tool. Real change takes much more effort then a day under the knife it take attitude change it takes mindset change, it takes mental healing.

So after the 4th time my sister asked me to try supplements I finally caved. $80 is a lot cheaper then $25k for surgery. 2 pills twice a day is a lot less invasive then an operation.

So I found a tool that worked similar to surgery only in my opinion much better. Not only did the appetite suppressant help me eat less but the plant based combo actually worked to balance my blood chemsitry helping me to feel good….no feel great! And I had less cravings and way more energy to want to be active.

I actually walked a 5k at 400 lbs because I felt just that good! It caused blisters and shin splints but I finished my first 5k with my daughter at 400lbs because of supplements.

They are a great tool. But thats all they are. No magic bullet. No get slim quick scheme. The health supplements I used are designed to help you make the mindset journey easier not overnight. It took a lot of failures messups mistakes and trial and error to find what worked for me mentally.

I started off hating processed foods. Because thats what they teach in food addiction programs. Food bad. You strong. Eat a salad. Don’t cave. But in the end what worked for me was positivity. Finding my love of life to focus on. Wanting to choose the natural choose because it helps me feel good not bad like greasy fried or over processed foods do with no nutritional value. But you see foods not good and evil. Its a choice.

Some of us just need a little help remembering how good it feels to make a choice that’s healthy for our bodies consistently because its been so long since we’ve loved ourselves enough to want to.

Ordering that first box of supplements was like a flag signal to my brain that shouted hey today we don’t hate bash or name call. Today were supporting encouraging and working together.

Of course that positive motivation will come and go like on any other journey but for me by then my supplements had arrived and I began to feel even better and created and carried momentum for me to move forward throughout my journey.

I cant tell you what works best for you. I can’t tell you that you’ll be successful the first time. I can’t guarantee you’ll show up for yourself everyday. But I can guarantee its a lot more fun on this journey when you choose positivity and self love over self hate and loathing.

I cant guarantee your life will be butterflies and rainbows at the end of your weightloss journey. Because its not. Life happens. But life seems a lot easier when YOU aren’t making yourself feel worse. When YOU aren’t adding trouble and problems to your own plate. Its a lot more enjoyable when YOU are making choices thay add value to your life. When YOU choose to take care of yourself.

If YOU would like to join me on this journey feel free to pick up your starter kit here


After you order in a few days you’ll receive a getting started email from me along with a link to our support group with thousands of people just like you working on crafting and creating their new healthy and happy lifestyles.

I look forward to working with you on this journey.

Well wishes and lots of hugs and kisses,


Published by Seemeghan

I lost over 240lbs using plant based supplements and gradual healthy lifestyle changes! Now that I've reached my goal I want to share my insights to help others achieve the healthy lifestyle they've dreamed of!

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