I didn’t do it

I was offered money to advertise for Bariatric patient supplies…

For someone who lost their job in May I’m not gonna lie it was tempting. The thing is … I didn’t have surgery.

I know people who have. I know people that found great success with surgery and others that ended up with some major medical issues.

I considered surgery. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford surgery financially or the time commitment surgery takes.

Back in Dec 2017 I was a single mom. The hospital Id have had to go to is over 2 hrs from my house. I couldn’t find time off work for physical therapy for my back much less ongoing dr appointments and follow-ups.

So instead of focusing on what I couldn’t do I started looking at what I could. My sister had asked me 3x to try the plant based supplements she was using. She knew I just needed a little help to get going. So the 4th time she was sitting in my car telling me nay begging me to just give them a try I actually listened.

Lucky for me.

It didn’t cost me thousands of dollars or a second mortgage on my home. It was less then $100 a month to help me change my life.

I am a positive person. I will never bash someones personal choices for themselves… but I couldn’t sell things I didnt know enough about to endorse. I dont know what quality after surgery products these were. I can’t relate to the struggles of pre and post op
Because that’s an experience I never had.

So I didnt do it…

There has been and will be companies that use my image for profit with or without my permission. I cant stop it. The internet is a strange place. Daily I debate leaving it all behind. Deactivating all my accounts and starting over fresh and unknown. But I feel like my message needs to be heard by someone.

Someone who could benefit from knowing if they can’t afford surgery there are still other tools out there to help them. So I stay.

I cant guarantee my image won’t be used by others to make a quick buck but I can guarantee if you ask me about the products I use or have used I will be 100% honest because I’m not ashamed I used a tool to help me get here. It just wasn’t surgery.

Who would like to know the steps I took to get here ?

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Published by Seemeghan

I lost over 240lbs using plant based supplements and gradual healthy lifestyle changes! Now that I've reached my goal I want to share my insights to help others achieve the healthy lifestyle they've dreamed of!

One thought on “I didn’t do it

  1. I Definitely need inspiration. I lost my daughter 9 months ago. Since, I have gained 40 lbs. Please contact me anytime. Thank you So Very much.

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