What happens to you’re skin?

Today I cam across an old workout video from 2 years ago check it our below!

2019 Febuary Workout

So I did a little comparison video to check out my arm strength. I wasjt expecting much after my shoulder injury last year and taking a few months off full body workouts but I was absolutely floored to see the difference 2 years can make with body recomp and skin elasticity!

Check out today’s workout screen shots!

February 2021 Workout
February 2021 Workout

So what do you think? Is my skin more elastic then you thought it would be? I think these shots are a great testimonial to what can happen when you loose weight naturally and include all the food groups in your lifestyle!

Published by Seemeghan

I lost over 240lbs using plant based supplements and gradual healthy lifestyle changes! Now that I've reached my goal I want to share my insights to help others achieve the healthy lifestyle they've dreamed of!

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