A Day to Love Yourself

This day 6 years ago I was being induced at lunch time because my body could no longer safely carry my baby.

After 37 weeks of misery the doctors told me my body had had enough. I asked them if I could go home first before I went to the hospital to let my dogs out.

As soon as I got home I promptly devoured an entire pan of double fudge brownies and hit up a McDonald’s for a large number 1 before heading back to start the process.

I was close to 400 lbs at my pregnancy by this time I’d had enough of hearing drs and midwives tell me how dangerous my weight was for my pregnancy. Tired of the pee tests. I was tired.

After I had macyn I told myself I needed to be healthier for her. Getting on a scale before I left the hospital I weighed 380lbs after giving birth and not eating for 2 day. I lost some weight and gained it back several times throught the years.

Tomorrow she will be turning 6 and I’m so proud I’ve finally fulfilled that promise I made to her and myself to be a healthier mother. One who can play with her be attentive and has the energy to teach her life lessons.

I dont have many full body pics like most overweight people I didnt like to be photographed but the ones I do have I was always using her to hide myself.

After having macyn valentines day became my induction day. A day I celebrate myself because honestly I put my body through hell with not only that pregnancy but the many many many years of being super morbidly obese.

Today I will work out eat right and celebrate my love of life with the loves of my life. I’m forever grateful to my body for doing something so incredibly difficult and giving me the best daughter anyone could ask for against all odds. My body may not be perfect but it deserves so much love for the neglect I put it through. Today is about love and today I choose to love my body for what it is exactly as it is and myself for who I am.

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