Abstinance or Moderation?

Abstinance and Moderation: two words I think about alot.

I’m going to be honest I don’t follow “that programs” abstaince rules for food addicts. You know the one…zero tolerance for sugar, flour or wheat.

I knew when I started my journey if I wasn’t happy I wouldn’t stick with it. I wasnt going to lie to myself and God and say I’d follow it. I knew I wouldn’t. So I made gradual changes instead.

Instead of abstaining from all those foods I started abstaining from foods with 2 or more of those ingredients. Rather then blanket abstinence I abstain from specific foods.

One triggering food at a time I’ve walked this road of food addiction in my own way.

I have had to be honest with myself. Sometimes that is still really hard. When a food I normally enjoy in moderation becomes a trigger food for me it can be hard to admit. Something I once enjoyed in a reasonable manner is now a problem.

Its not a diet or fad. Its not a break from food. Its a prayer to God for strength and a promise to abstain for my health and sanity. I take my promises very seriously. What worth do I have as a person if I constantly break my word. I never choose to abstain after a binge. I give it time. Sometimes months to think it over. Imagine my life without that food having anymore control over me. Then after a trial run and at least 7 days clean do I choose my path.
The very minute I choose to abstain and give my decision up to God I feel so much better.

I use to think abstaining wasn’t for me. I wanted all moderation. I needed moderation. But with some foods there is no willpower to be found. It steals my waking thoughts, consumes my life, my power of choice goes out the window like a feather in the wind.

I thought my goal was to one day get to “that” lifestyle. A slow progression to abstaining from all sugar, four or wheat. But after having my blood chemsitry tested and finding such success with my 1 food at a time method I’ve come to realize abstainance and moderation dont have to be dueling methods pinned against one another in a battle for whats best but rather they both are tools we can use in whichever way best works for ourselves.

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