An open letter to those who hit their goal weight

An open letter to those who have hit your goal weight…
Congratuations on your amazing accomplishment. You set a goal for yourself and you reached it. You’ve come farther then you probably thought possible at one point in your life or another. I’ve got some great news and some bad news for you though. Because your journey doesnt end once you reach your goal weight. Maintenance takes just as much work and commitment as it took to lose the weight but for a much longer sustained period of time.

If you did this the right way and put in the work to learn how to cope with stress anxiety and other crazy life events in new and healthy ways your gonna love it. If you spent time getting to know yourself and your triggers your going to be fine. If you loved what you did to lose the weight and are excited to keep doing it you have no worries. If you have a healthy fear of back sliding and actively work to continue to grow and develop your gonna do great.

If you did not you still have a whole new adventure ahead. No worries I’ve been there too. Twice I lost 100lbs and gained it all back and then some. You see our future is determined by our choices. If you stop making the same choices that got you here you wont stay for long. So consider this my heads up to you. If you hated what you had to do to get here. If you feel like you cant continue to do what your doing right now forever be aware… This is not a tenure position.

This position comes with no guarantees. no life long contract. It’s not a 1 time achievement you keep indefinitely. To maintain this position and lifestyle you still need to show up for work daily. You still need to put the work in daily. No ones here to make you. It’s your choice. It’s going to be all up to you.

I know the strength and energy it took to get here and believe me it doesnt get easier but much like your body and mind got stronger while working for this goal you will get even stronger when your working not for goals but to maintain your quality of life. You will stumble. You will falter. But you will get back up and dust yourself off because you now know what you are capable of.


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