I made this my own…make yours fit you

Repost from earlier this year “The only special consideration she receives is on the roster…her weight is not listed” I never asked for that. I was told that it was to keep anyone from making fun of me. I remember replying “but they already know I’m fat” At the age of 30 I’m an openContinue reading “I made this my own…make yours fit you”

Keeping My Skin….

Repost from earlier this summer off my personal Facebook page! I’m KEEPING my skin! Since I started my journey I’ve used the hashtag #nosurgeryweightloss many times. Lately its resonated with me. No surgery. I lost 235lbs without invasive surgery. It goes through my mind. No Surgery. What if You dont NEED surgery on your transformation. What ifContinue reading “Keeping My Skin….”