Better Late then Never

When Macyn was born I made a promise to start living healthier…it took me a few years to figure out that for me that meant addressing my mental health before I could truely change my overall physical health by changing my health habits for the long term.

For years I felt like a terrible mom for not keeping my promise. I’d bawl as I’d eat an entire family size supreme Calzone by myself knowing it wasn’t healthy for either of us but unsure why I couldn’t stop myself promising myself yet again this was going to be the last time only to repeatedly play out this scene over and over again.

Yet I never asked myself why or actually developed a plan. I’d just mentally claim my food freedom only to fall again and again because I refused to look into the problem or do the work to fix the actual issues. There was no accountability tracking or data review only restriction followed by failure.

One can make all the claims and promises you want but if you dont have a plan or way to track progress (not perfection) then you cannot accurately access and adjust. There are many different forms of data one can collect and access an it is important youre picking the right ones for your own journey.

If youre having trouble accessing your goals or plan to reach them an accountability coach is an excellent opportunity to help guide you through the process of change.

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