Biggest Lose…

I didnt watch the biggest loser this year.
I watched soooooo many seasons over the years as an obese viewer. Every season was exciting and I looked forward to every year getting motivated and crying with contests as I watched them share the same struggles I had. When I heard they were rebooting it I was excited. I dont watch a lot of tv but I was going to start watching that show again. But every Tuesday I tried to turn it on I couldnt.

Not physically couldnt. Mentally couldn’t. I was afraid. Afraid of how I’d feel watching it. I didnt know if I’d be elated I finally made it to the other side. Afraid I’d pitty people who dont want pitty. Afraid I’d be disappointed I never made it on the show and won a grand prize. Afraid to relive all the memories of myself watching the show getting inspired and then running out of steam mid season and slipping back into old habits. Afraid to admit removing yourself from life probably isnt the best way to maintain a lifestyle change. Afraid to see so many people getting healthy knowing statistically they are headed for a backslide already after filming.

After losing 240lbs in 17 months I use to think man if only id done this on that show. I’d be rich! But I know IF I had done this for money I wouldnt be here now almost a year through maintenance.

Weightloss for money is easy. I’ve never done a dietbet and I never will because money as a motivation doesnt lead to better health for me. It leads to eating disorders and short term results. Theres nothing wrong with doing something for the right reasons and receiving a prize. But the prize cant be the reason you make a change if you want to maintain a lifestyle.

So I didnt watch the biggest loser. But I’m ok with that. Because I’m no longer watching people try to lose weight. I’m helping people change their lives and THAT my friends is time well spent.

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