Black Friday past….

Its almost hear the 2 year anniversary of the day I decided to change my life!

Heres a look back at last years Black Friday progress pic looking forward to recreating this 2 years in!

Black Friday 2017 vs 2018

Same person different woman.

Black Friday 2017 the day my sister had what I consider an intervention with me on the way home from a train trip with my family.

2017 – forced smile sever back pain neglecting my body and mental health. scared to see if I’d fit on a train seat. No real goals or aspirations purely surving and not truly living. Negative attitude anxiety and mood swings.

2018 – truly grateful. Physically active every day. Blessed to be moving with only occasional pain. Found peace and strength in yoga. Riding carnival rides with my daughter. Big dreams and goals. Loving and living. Finding joy in each and every day.

It’s not about how you look. It’s not about fitting in a certain size. It’s about how you feel. How you grow as a person when you start to love yourself and take care of you.

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