I’m not THAT brave…

People call me brave for sharing about my eating disorder. Personally I dont think choosing to heal ones self is brave. Sharing my story started more for my own benefit then to document any type of transformation. Writing helps me process emotions and motivate myself. Some of my most inspirational posts according to followers actuallyContinue reading “I’m not THAT brave…”

Self love is 1 size fits all…

People like to assume I love my body more now because I lost weight. While it’s great to have a better quality of life less pain and more mobility I still celebrate all the things my former body did for me in the past as well. My body allowed me to play 7 seasons ofContinue reading “Self love is 1 size fits all…”

This is what I’m good at…

I feel like I lost myself… again…I cut a major part out of my life for my own mental health and now there’s a hole. A big glaring hole in who I am. Cause what are we if not a sum of our daily actions; where we work, what we eat who we talk to,Continue reading “This is what I’m good at…”

What happens to you’re skin?

Today I cam across an old workout video from 2 years ago check it our below! So I did a little comparison video to check out my arm strength. I wasjt expecting much after my shoulder injury last year and taking a few months off full body workouts but I was absolutely floored to seeContinue reading “What happens to you’re skin?”

It’s Time…Deal with it

I heard a song yesterday called “a beer cant fix” it’s about how theres no problem a beer cant fix and the artist sings of all the problems a beer can “fix” for them. From hangovers to asking women out on dates. But heres the thing. Beer cant fix problems. Food cant fix problems. TVContinue reading “It’s Time…Deal with it”

30 Day Scale Cleanse

For February I am participating in a scale cleanse. I’ll be ditching the scale and measuring tape for several personal reasons and am excited to document this cleanse on social media for others. Check in on my journey daily on my Facebook Instagram and Tiktok Pages! I’m inviting you all to join me this monthContinue reading “30 Day Scale Cleanse”

I won’t forget…

I told myself I’d never forget where my journey started. I told myself I would never forget the way it felt. I told myself I had to hang onto that hopeless feeling that I used to feel so I’d never forget.  But as the days go by I absolutely hate it. I hate to rememberContinue reading “I won’t forget…”

Once upon a time…

I was hurting. Mentally and Physically. My body weight made life difficult at 420lbs. I didnt have many real friends. The people that claimed to be my friends just wanted to use me. They found me pleasent enough laughed at my jokes but they only showed up when they wanted something. The rest of societyContinue reading “Once upon a time…”

Why does your face look weird?

My ex use to tell me I had a weird face when I smiled so I never did… Now that I love myself and my new lifestyle I cant stop and dont want to. His opinion of me and my smile didnt matter. I use to think it did but it doesnt now and itContinue reading “Why does your face look weird?”