What happens to you’re skin?

Today I cam across an old workout video from 2 years ago check it our below! So I did a little comparison video to check out my arm strength. I wasjt expecting much after my shoulder injury last year and taking a few months off full body workouts but I was absolutely floored to seeContinue reading “What happens to you’re skin?”

30 Day Scale Cleanse

For February I am participating in a scale cleanse. I’ll be ditching the scale and measuring tape for several personal reasons and am excited to document this cleanse on social media for others. Check in on my journey daily on my Facebook Instagram and Tiktok Pages! I’m inviting you all to join me this monthContinue reading “30 Day Scale Cleanse”

Facts about my transformation

Fact: Both pictures are meFact: People considered me beautiful during times both pics were taken.Fact: Changing my choices changed my appearance and my weight as well as my health.Fact: losing weight helped me breath easier and my body ache lessFact: Changing my lifestyle made me happierFact: I used tools on my journey. Just like everyoneContinue reading “Facts about my transformation”

Fail. Fail again. Fail harder. Just fail forward…

I lost 240lbs in 17 months. Before that I lost over 100 lbs. Twice. Yep I told you I lost over 100lbs twice before. But did I tell you about all the times in between when I lost 20, 40, 60 or 70 and regained that too? If you think when you work really hardContinue reading “Fail. Fail again. Fail harder. Just fail forward…”

How I Started…

For years I struggled with diets. Failure after failure led me to believe it was my fault and I was doomed to remain unhealthy and unhappy because I was flawed. But my sister believed in me she knew I just needed a little help to get myself on the right path. Since I was obeseContinue reading “How I Started…”

It takes time…giving up won’t get you there faster!

For those just starting out. For those struggling with a plateau. For those who have no clue what your doing but your doing the best you can. You may not see a difference in a week. You may only see a slight difference in a few months. But trust me one day you’ll look backContinue reading “It takes time…giving up won’t get you there faster!”

When you’re goals change you learn alot about yourself

Repost from 1 year ago… I spent so much of my time trying to shrink over the last 18 months it’s a bit bizarre for me to want to see growth now… growth in my muscle size. As a larger women I dreamt of being smaller. wished of being smaller. Worked to be smaller. soContinue reading “When you’re goals change you learn alot about yourself”

It wasnt always easy…

Repost from last year! See it didnt always come easy for me! I had several long plateaus during my weightloss journey but I kept pushing! It doesn’t get easier you get stronger. For anyone struggling please keep fighting that fight for yourself it’s so worth it! goalweight #goalweightstongaf #extremeweightloss #transformationpics #wlmotivation #wlcommunity #wlsupport