Meghans Lifestyle Transformation Journal Set up

An updated version of my recommended Lifestyle Journals for my coaching customers. Can be found here. Meghan’s Lifestyle Journal Example: (This is an example you dont have to use all of it or even any of it. However it includes the key areas that I feel helped me be successful on my own journey.)Continue reading “Meghans Lifestyle Transformation Journal Set up”

Skin I’m in…

Loose skin update…same weight a year later. Everyones choice is personal but I choose to share mine because I want people to know surgery isnt a requirement. Some big weightloss losers dont experience any medical issues with their skin and alot of us are proud to show it off! Whatever your choice make sure yourContinue reading “Skin I’m in…”

Now there is tea all over the bathroom!

The other day standing in the bathroom naked I looked at my body and said to myself “I look exactly the same as when I was obese just now on smaller scale” I was going to finish with saying “except now I can move more and am healthier” but Mike spewed his sweet tea outContinue reading “Now there is tea all over the bathroom!”

Life happens…whether you worry or not

I wrote this exactly a year ago and found it comforting to reread today. So I’m sharing it here… Relationships. Promotions. Relocations. Deaths. Births. Houses. Friends. I use to get scared thinking about what ifs…What if this or that could lead to catastrophic events. Life altering events. Mainly worrying about all the bad things thatContinue reading “Life happens…whether you worry or not”

10k Challenge…

It can be hard to stay motivated or consistent with workouts during this crazy time! Luckily the program I use has a 10k challenge that offers free prizes and rewards to keep moving and tracking your steps! Even if your stuck inside you can still manage to get your steps in walking in place orContinue reading “10k Challenge…”

Keep Fighting

Repost from my social media 1 year ago… Nothing taste as good as healthy feels! Overcoming an eating disorder is hard.Getting moving when you have arthritis is hard.Taking those first few steps to a healthier lifestyle can be hard.Being a single parent was hard .Life can be hard. Without all these challenges success wouldnt feel asContinue reading “Keep Fighting”

Todays Run Another long run in the books. It was long and cold but a blast. Amazing how when you are in good company the miles and hours can fly by. Each week I feel more and more excited to compete in my first half marathon. I’m just ready to do the dang thing!