A year ago…

Repost from 1 year ago…proud to still be sharing and on this amazing journey When you let go of your doubts you’ll be suprised how far you can go… When I started this journey I didnt share much about the lifestyle transformations I was making. I was afraid i would fail. Now that I’ve beenContinue reading “A year ago…”

Training Run Week 4

Today was week 4s long training run 8 miles in 1 and half hours. After last weeks adventure with the flu and my sister battling a tailbone injury we’re both pleased with our times this week. Even though we both love to check our times after our runs its not about the times at all.Continue reading “Training Run Week 4”

We don’t have to be perfect to be loved

That girl in her room settling in for the night. Shes the best. Last night she got herself ready for bed when I was sick. This morning she got on the bus bravely with Mike and let me sleep without a fuss. She doesnt care if I ran a walked a mile today or 10.Continue reading “We don’t have to be perfect to be loved”

What if…

What if you didnt quit. When the scale didnt moveWhen you gained a poundWhen things got hardWhen you fell downWhen you doubted yourselfWhen you needed helpWhen you weren’t sure it was working You know what happens when you quit; isnt it time to find out what happens when you dont? neverquit #motivation #thistimeimkeepingitoff #betterhealth #weightlossContinue reading “What if…”