Change your life not your weight

Your weight is a reflection of your lifestyle. If you want to succeed at lasting weight loss you have to change your mind set. Dont focus on changing a number on the scale or a size on your tags. Focus on changing your life and the results will follow.

If your focusing on reaching a numerical goal all the time you wont see the steps in the way. You wont see sometimes on the path to success your gonna have some twists and turns some ups and downs. But if your eyes are on the activities it takes to reach that goal of better health and taking deliberate planned out steps to change your life and not your size it wont matter when water weight creeps up or plateaus hit. You wont freak out wondering if the weight change is from muscle growth or last nights dinner. Because the number wont matter. Your activities will.

If you really want to show yourself this change is permanent and lasting and your doing it for the right reasons…better health and more happiness. And your not looking for a quick temporary change then you need to ditch the scale.

At least for a month. Take the batteries out. loan it to a friend. have someone hide it. Dont get on it. Dont let it determine your success.

Give it one whole month of focusing on only healthy lifestyle changes.

Focus on how you feel after 30 days of putting your health first. 30 days of freedom from numbers. Take pictures. Journal your days. Practice mindful eating. Learn from your experiences. Focus on making changes that make you healthier mentally and physically. Then let me know how you feel?

Was it worth it? Were you happy from the results when there was no arbitrarily success number assigned by a scale? Do you feel healthier and happier?

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