Confessions of a food addict:

During my lifetime…

⚠️I’ve eaten an entire loaf of sunbeam bread with nothing but butter in one sitting.

⚠️ I’ve eatten other coworkers holiday gifts that customers left with me (sorry bud)

⚠️ I’ve lied about what I eat, how much I eat, or the last time I ate

⚠️ I’ve pulled food out of the trash I tried to throw away but couldn’t let go

⚠️ I internally misled people to believe others were joining me in meals I’ve picked up just for myself

⚠️ I’ve eaten a meal meant to feed a family of 4 (Anthony’s Supreme Calazone) by myself often more then once a week

⚠️ I’ve lied to myself about how hungry I really am as an excuse to eat more

⚠️ I’ve hidden food “just in case” I get hungry when going where outside food isnt allowed

⚠️ I’ve stolen my kids favorite candy and treats while they slept and accidently ate it all and let them blame each other

Addiction is scary because it can erode away our character out of a sense of self preservation.

I’m not proud of all the things I’ve done.


Who I am today is not the same person who allowed my addiction to make my choices for me in the past.

Today I choose my own food boundaries to help me keep my own mental freedom from food addiction.

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