Do it for you not your appearance..

I will never be that sexy Instagram fitness model…I’ll never have that perfect bikini bod…I’ll never grace the covers of fitness magazines or walk a catwalk with models…and I’m ok with that. I dont want those things.

I don’t want people to focus on my appearance. Whether I’m attractive or sexy or appealing. When people see my pictures I hope they dont judge me on my loose skin. I sincerely hope it doesn’t cause you discomfort. But if they do I want you to know its the media’s fault. When I look at someone’s body it’s out if appreciation of what they can do. How much freedom our bodies give us to live life the way we want.

I dont want to see the perfectly surgically sculpted and photoshopped bodies on Instagram. I want the raw. The real. The I’ve birthed a child I’ve battled mental demons. The I have stretch Mark’s for carrying my child body…. But I am strong and confident. The I am more then my image bodies. I want the stories that show what people have been through.

Maybe it’s me looking for the beauty in the familiar. The i can somewhat relate to her. Maybe because I know they love the lifestyle and are sharing and helping others and not seeking the attention or jealousy that the elite few with perfect bodies splayed in provocative poses are after. Maybe it’s just me but if your one of the real ones. One of the ones not afraid to show most women aren’t perfectly sculpted by a surgical knife and still choosing to love yourself and be confident in yourself and be your true self then you girl are my favorite to follow. You are what I want to see. You are who I want in my tribe. You inspire me. You keep me grounded.

Somedays the skin feels like a heavy weight holding me back. Somedays it’s hard to not imagine a life without it. Somedays it literally feels like it’s not supposed to be a part of me like it’s a heavy piece of clothing that I want to just slip off and relax. But everyday I wake up knowing it’s there. It is a part of me right now. It’s not going anywhere and it isnt going to stop me from living and enjoying life. My skin doesnt define who I am as a person it’s just my skin. #extremeweightloss#naturalweightloss#nosurgeryweightloss
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