Don’t assume I hate my scars…

My skins been with me through thick and thin…at the start of my journey I wanted to embrace and love all of me. My skin took a little longer to love then the rest of me. I actually incorrectly assumed I’d HAVE to get it removed but found out shortly after earning my loose skin its actually a choice for most people.

My skin continues to amaze me by doing incredible things as I grow train and continue on my journey!

I’ve learned more about skin and cosmetic surgery then I ever thought possible researching it. While skin care is important to me having a flawless flat tummy or perfectly tight skin isn’t as much as a priority as continuing on my journey of life.

Not all big weightloss losers hate their skin not all are proud of their skin… But what they decide to do with it is none of your business unless they want to share and if they do they aren’t looking for judgement your opinion on what you would do if… or you to play devils advocate for them. Respect their choice and move along and never assume someone going to have surgery its just rude and ignorant to start a convo off with the weightloss equivalent of “when are you changing yourself to fit societys beauty standards”.

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