Don’t Give Up

“Dont give up. One day you’ll look back and be glad you didnt.”

Not everyday is perfect. But everyday is filled with opportunities.

When you start to compare yourself to others you quickly become distracted and often times discouraged.

So why do we compare ourselves to others? Are we hoping to see similarities in their stories to ours? Or are we looking for excuses to give up?

It’s really easy for us to say well Suzy Q lost 8 lbs this week so this isnt working for me. When in reality Suzy Q could have a million reasons why this reasons she lost more weight then me. Or Jim Bob made a million in his 1st year of business and I havent so I should just give up.

If something is truely important to us we dont give up on it. We stick with it. Keep putting in the work. The right actions really do bring results. But when we see others getting gratification quicker then we are reaping our gains why do we look to give up on dreams that just a few days weeks or months ago were so important to us.

Sometimes its luck someone reached success before us sometimes its we need to make a change. Sometimes it’s because we just didnt work as hard. The only time I look in someone elses lane is if I’m looking to learn. NEVER to give myself permission to quit or complain.

So dont give up. Learn, grow, try new things but dont ever give up on something that is important to you. Because time spent chasing dreams is never wasted it’s truly living and that itself is worth the investment.

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