Dont think

Dont think I dont remember how scary those first steps were

Dont think I dont remember how hard it was to choose to believe I was worthy enough for self love

Dont think I didnt fall

Dont think I’m perfect by any means

PLEASE Dont think I was born with willpower determination or dedication embedded into my every fiber of my being

Dont. DO NOT. for one second of any day believe only someone special can do this.

I’m telling your right now from the top of my high sculpted cheek bones (thanks mom) to the bottoms of my over sized womens 11 size feet that I’m just like you. I have insecurities. I have fears. I have doubt. I have all those same emotions. Sometimes I think a few too many for my liking. But that’s part of me. I just have LEARNED and chosen to not allow my emotions to control me all the time. I DONT want to feel out of control of myself ever again. So I WORKED and practiced and listened…to take back my control. I can still have emotions and CHOOSE to act with my head not my self doubt not my fear not my anxiety towards working towards my goals. I can have all of those and still be productive. still keep making actions towards a productive day.

Because I know 10 years from now my day to day stress will only be a distant memory if that. And that self doubt that fear that anxiety it fades with success. It can always come back but will fade again just as quickly as it came the time before.

We are prone to focus on the negatives in life… But when we occupy our thoughts and TIME with positive and productive energy and ACTIONS then we dont have time for any negative in our lives.

We dont have time to gossip about others. We dont have time to focus or compare our journey to someone elses. We dont have time for self criticism unless its constructive!

So when your looking for motivation or inspiration because you feel unmotivated or insecure STOP and ask yourself is what your doing right now helping you reach your goals? If not then take action do something. anything. that will get you on the right path and be your own inspiration and motivation.

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