Eating Healthy can be Expensive…but it doesn’t have to be!

Whole foods aren’t neccessarily expensive…convenient foods are.

Ever notice how you can buy a premade single serving salad for almost the same price of all the ingredients to make your own salad for the week?

When people ask me about the importance of food prep I hear 1 of 2 things either they dont have time to food prep or they cant afford it .

We all have the same amount of hours in a day. Someone once told me theres someone out there busier then you doing more then you. Since I’ve heard that anytime I want to complain about lack of time it  always comes back and hits me square in the face.

There are single moms out there running business working several jobs and meal prepping because they HAVE to if they want to afford food for their family.  I know this because I know them. Personally. They inspire me every day because I remember what it was like. Stressing over sick kids going to work and affording everything on your own. But they rock it every single day. They find the time. They get it done. That’s what moms do. They motivate me to do more save more keep up with the same pace I used to live every day but in a new healthier way.

I’m going to tell you a secret. Meal prep was invented/designed by busy people with limited resources because it saves you money and time. Learning how to do it properly is an investment in time yes. But it pays off 100 times over! The amount of food I use to let go to waste in the fridge is embarrassing. It hurts to think of how much money I literally threw away.

Before I started my weightloss journey I let these 2 excuses stop me from even trying. I believed it because I heard others say it. Just assumed it was true.

Let’s break the weightloss myths that stop people from trying. Let’s be honest that sometimes it just doesnt work because we dont prioritize it. Sometimes it’s not the system that’s broken it’s our priorities aren’t in line with our goals.

Do I still buy premade salads? You bet! Priorities shift and change. But the more you prep prepare and practice the better you become!  Whats your favorite eat clean for cheap tip?

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