Facts about my transformation

Fact: Both pictures are me
Fact: People considered me beautiful during times both pics were taken.
Fact: Changing my choices changed my appearance and my weight as well as my health.
Fact: losing weight helped me breath easier and my body ache less
Fact: Changing my lifestyle made me happier
Fact: I used tools on my journey. Just like everyone else. I couldnt afford all the tools so I used the tools I had available to me. We all use tools from scales to pre-written workouts to journals its up to you to choose which tools you want to utilize. Using tools is smart not weak.
Fact: Losing weight didn’t make my life perfect but it undeniably made it easier. Yes it takes time and effort for me to maintain but its a trade off I gladly make each and everyday because its worth it to me.
Fact: Any day at any time in my life its possible for me to change my choices again. Its 100% up to me whether I maintain my choices or pick new ones.
Fact: I’m not superhuman or perfect. I fall, make mistakes and yes even have some off days. BUT I’m consistent. I show up for myself like its my job. In the U.S. most jobs give you a 2 week vacation or sick time. Use it. Don’t abuse it.
Fact: My lifestyle isn’t meant for everyone. But if you can show up to work for 8 hrs a day for a paycheck you have the ability to show up for yourself for an hour for your health and wellness (and possible paycheck too!)

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