Fix those crowns!

Just a few years ago I was down and out. Broken. Bruised. A complete and utter mess. I was ready to die. Praying to die. I abused my body and mind telling myself I deserved it for being such a complete and total mess. I weighed 420lbs and losing my mobility. My negative self talk consumed my life and drove my food addiction day in and day out.

Then someone stepped up for me. Someone straightened my crown. They told me I was worth an investment. Worth the effort. They believed in me. They saw my value even when I was telling myself I had no worth.

My sister straightened my crown for me when I was too weak from carrying the burdens of self loathing and insecurity. Over and over again she invited me to join her in caring for our bodies and health. Now my crown is firmly back where it belongs. My head held high. My heat full.

My passion is finding others who just need a friend to be there for them… To take the time to say your worth it… To remind us we are ALL human not perfect.

Take time to thank the ones who not only have helped you but also to reach out to that friend that needs someone to tip their chin up and remind them to keep their eyes on the possibilities in their future and less on where their feet are stuck right now.

You dont need to be famous or wildly successful to help others. You dont need certificates or degrees to change someones life… sometimes you just need to be you ❤

You are more then your limiting beliefs allow you to be. You are more then a salary. Your more then just a mom dad sister brother employee or friend. You are way more than any other label you have chosen for yourself. Right now you are so much more…But that pales in comparison to who you could be when you remove the shackles of self doubt and limiting beliefs that ARE holding you back.

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