Food Addiction is Real

My names Meghan and I am a food addict

Unmanaged food addiction is not blind body positivity. Unmanaged Food addiction is not just liking to eat lots of food. Unmanaged Food addiction isnt eating to many tacos or cookies occasionally. Food addiction isnt emotional eating or occasional binges. Unmanaged Food addiction isnt lack of willpower or self control. Food addiction isnt being overweight…But these things can contribute to a food addiction.

Food addiction is a chemical response to certain foods. Food addiction is an obsessive compulsive behavior. Food addiction is an illness. Unmanaged Food addiction is self harm. You dont have to be overweight to be a food addict. Ive lost 240lbs and still am a food addict. In fact you might find a lot of people in the health and wellness industry that are food addicts but have found a lifestyle that helps them manage their addiction. We call it a passion; but it’s a passion that stems from our own struggles with our own stories.

People who love themselves dont want to slowly poison their body to death one bite at a time. People with food addiction innately know they are harming themselves. We struggle for years feeling like we are the problem. Trying fad diets and failing miserably after a while or even after an hour. Struggling feeling like we cant even control ourselves. We hurt people. We hide food. We tell ourselves we are worthless we cant even eat like a normal person. We dont feel normal. We aren’t normal. We dont find joy in living it’s all about the food. All about when we can eat again. What we will eat next. Wanting to always eat more.

Often times if we dont get help we end up super morbidly obese. We tell ourselves to stop then we talk down to ourselves when we gorge the next minute. We hear people whisper about our appearance have family members tell us they are concerned. We cant stop so we push them away. We develop a distrust of the people around us. We get tired of doctors telling us we need to lose weight…obviously weve tried but no one can tell us how WE can do it.

Then one day the drs stop talking about our weight. We know they have given up they are just waiting on us to die. Our family stops telling us they are concerned and stop inviting us out on outings because they know we cant keep up. We stop trying to reach out to friends wed rather feel bad about ourselves and struggle alone then surround by people watching us self destruct. It can take years but one day just like other addicts our addiction will kill us too if we dont learn to control it.

Thats why when people watch a show like 600 lb life or biggest loser and say how could you ever do that to yourself I stand up and say I know. I know exactly how it happens. At 420lbs I was well on my own journey of self destruction. It’s not a single event. Its society teaching us it’s simple just stop eating so much. Its society telling us we are the problem. No one tells us the food industry is working against us. Setting us up to fail. No one tells us that food isnt fun. Everyone else loves it talks about it plans outings around it. The world revolves around it but they dont have a problem. Its us. Were the problem. We have to change.

Yet no one can tell us how though they dont have this problem. When your only joy and sole focus on life has been eating its impossible to see the way out sometimes. Because theres no way to explain it in one book one page one day. It takes time it takes trial and error what works for someone doesnt work for another. But the first step is always self love.

You cant beat an addiction if you dont love yourself enough to want to fight it. No one can make you choose to love yourself. That part is on you. It’s not hard. It’s a choice. It might seem silly to say because so many people struggle with self love but it truly is a choice. It’s an easy one when you step out of your own way. Admit you dont have to be perfect to be loved. Admit you have a problem and your willing to work to fix it. Admit to yourself you will be fighting this for a long time maybe even life but it’s worth the good fight to keep trying keep learning and keep loving yourself no matter how many set backs you may have because foods not fun its fuel for a happy and healthy life that involves more then taco tuesdays. More then ice cream dates. More then what’s for breakfast lunch and dinner. Theres more to life then work and chores and food. It’s up to you to find what your life is about. Whether it be helping others, traveling, learning, or all of it and so much more.

Food addiction is real. But it doesnt mean your life is over. It doesnt mean you’ll have to track and weigh and restrict yourself for the rest of your life. it may be the addiction that helps you find that new lifestyle that others only dream of.

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  • Hello
    You look great n Congrats on your weight lost. I been looking n reading your posts for hours. You Are Amazing. Do you workout everyday? What do you eat on a regular day? Breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack if any? My biggest problem is my metabolism. I don’t eat too bad I just don’t eat enough good food I guess. Please help


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