Food Addiction is REAL

Dont you dare tell me food addiction isnt real.

🚫Dont tell me that people willingly eat their way to amputations and bedridden immobility.
🚫Dont tell me that it’s a matter of will power
🚫Dont tell me the voice in my head saying to give in to the compulsive urge to eat doesnt exist
🚫Dont tell me it’s not a mental disorder it’s just laziness

Theres a reason fastfood restaurants use red and yellow in their color schemes. Those colors are suppose to make you more hungry so you eat more.

Theres a reason grocery stores put the baked goods on the outskirts of the aisles. With the fresh foods.

Theres a reason they use bright colors to attract children to sugar. They know. They know its addictive. They know you’ll want more. The earlier you start the longer and more you’ll buy.

Theres a reason behind so many subliminal marketing strategies targeted at switching a mental tick inside you to buy and consume more then necessary.

Now for some people you might not be predispositioned to fall into an out of control spiral
Into declining health and mobility slowly killing ourselves. But there are those that when the timing is right stress in life and pressure at work. Years of consuming junk food and low self esteem. Those genetically more likely to fall into an addictive behavior. Those of us that over time have come to believe that food truely is the only thing that can bring us constant joy and take away the pain or at least distract us from it a bit. These things add up.

You dont one day wake up and find you became grossly obese over night. No it takes years of stressful days and happy get togethers centered around food…Tricking you into believing you need food to go with every emotion.

It’s not like you can abstain and say you know what I have a problem and should probably stop using this substance to cope. Unfairly you can work for years on overcoming the compulsive traits and undo all the hard work in a matter of one or 2 events. Think of the biggest losers that regain all that weight they lost. Do you think they willingly choose to regain the weight they left their families for to learn and work to lose?

Food addiction is real just ask an addict.

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