From weight loss to fitness

A repost from my private social media page earlier this summer

Reflecting back on my change in focus from weight loss to fitness

❤From walking a 5k in over an hour in December 2017 to running 5ks in under 30 min in July 2019 and competing in a muddler competitive division this year!
❤While a lot of people want to talk about the 240lbs I’ve lost I think the thing I’m most proud of is my change in fitness level and the quality of life I’ve gained. Going from someone who was super morbidly obese with limited mobility to being an athlete again is just so incredibly amazing to me. I never want to take my morning workouts for granted because I’m able to do things now I use to dream of being able to do again “someday”. 

❤As the months fly by some days I forget that. I forget to be thankful I’m capable of doing things. I’ll never forget the pain. The hurt. The embarrassment. I’ll never forget feeling so low that the next day didnt matter.

❤ But I am ashamed to admit some days I forget to be appreciative of that early morning alarm. I forget that this is for my health not my looks. I do occasionally forget that sometimes a healthy treat is a better choice then a sweet one.
❤Then I take a look back and I remember. I remember to thank myself for getting up and putting in the work. I remember to thank the old me who started these new healthy habits. The old me that could have just given up and lived the rest of my shortened life continuing on the same path of self destruction.

❤ So this friday flashback post is dedicated to the old Meghan thank you for getting me here and this is my public promise to never let the work you did go to waste because that $hits hard. Maintaining is easy when you love what you do. Change is the hard and scary part but it was so worth it.

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