The definition of happiness is the state of being happy.

One cannot begin to define happiness if they have no idea of what happy is. Happy is defined as the feeling or showing of contentment or pleasure.

We all have felt some happiness before. Some of us find happiness in helping others. Some find happiness in competition and sport. Some of us find happiness in working with animals. Some of us feel happiest while traveling. Most of us can think of several different ways to bring happiness into our lives. No single person can list just 1 thing that makes us happy. Unless your an addict. Then your life revolves around 1 thing. All the time. Every single day. Every single minute. We lose our wide lens view of the world and become so focused on that feeling. We no longer are looking for happiness but release from that craving inside of us distracting us from our lives.

When something goes from bringing us happiness to controlling our lives to the point we are distracted and no longer living life actively but rather passively we’ve lost control and its up to us to regain it. No one and no thing can do that for you.

As a child I thought warm summer days and being off school brought me happiness. As a teen I thought sports and success brought me happiness. As a mother I was lost in a dark path where only food brought me a small piece of happiness while under the mountain of responsibility and obligation I felt I was under. Happy wasn’t a word I used often. I wasn’t even looking for it. I was merely trying to survive.

Now that I’ve found my happy again I want to share that with others that are struggling as well. Help those who have stepped off the path of life into the weeds and thicket and gotten lost in the day to day survival and help guide them back to where they want to go.

So here is my reminder to you. Make sure your doing your part to find your happy.

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