Holiday Wellness

Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years from a former food addicts point of view…

🙏Some people say you need a plan
🙏some people say it’s just a day indulge and enjoy in moderation
🙏some people say screw it I’ll eat the entire pie

I say do what works best for you. The holidays aren’t meant to be about food. Yes food tends to be the center piece of most get togethers. But think about what we are really supposed to be celebrating. What we are grateful for. Surviving another year. Warming our hearts with our loved ones before the cold winter sets in in the next few months.

For me I’m around food everyday that tempts me. the grocery store I still know where the baked goods aisle is at. I still see the same candy bars I use to enjoy daily when I stop at the gas station. I drive by the same 10 fastfood joints I use to stop at and enjoy on the regular. I still have to eat the same foods that I once over indulged in to make myself sick.

The holidays just means the baked goods are homemade. The get togethers are more frequent. Theres a little more holiday and financial stress. But aren’t we all use to that by now?

So last year I took a long hard look at what the upcoming holidays are really meant to be about before we became subjected to tv commercials and social media ads shoving the idea that if you want the perfect holiday you need more. More food more sugar more people at your table. More of everything that they can sell you on buying more of. I came up with a lists of things I love and look forward to that aren’t food related to help me focus on what I should be enjoying maybe you can help me think of a few new items to add to the list?

My Holiday Cheer Checklist
🦃spending time with family
🎄the smell of pine and other holiday scents
🎆 setting new goals
🦃crafting with my daughter
🎄putting up the tree
🎄sending and receiving cards
🦃time off work
🦃going hunting
🎄walking around town looking at Christmas lights
🎄 watching holiday classics
🦃Rocktown Turkey Trot
🎄SB Run
✨New Years Eve Run
🎄holiday decorations
🎄giving to others
🦃 reminiscing of holidays past taking time to remember friends and family no longer with us

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