More Than Your Average Weight loss Story

I struggled with weight issues since a child my highest weight reaching 420lbs before taking back control of my own life and health and losing 240lbs in 17 months along the way. Follow my journey as I share all the “secrets” to successfully changing not just your weight but your entire life.

Food is Fuel

Recipes for busy moms that want to fuel their bodies and nourish their families


Health supplements to help you reach all of your better health goals.

Health Coaching

From developing self love to setting realistic goals I’m here to help coach you through the process of a lifestyle change

The first step to finding self love is self respect

If you don’t believe its possible you’ll never start. I’m here to inspire those that need to see that it can be done and coach those who need some guidance. After losing 100lbs twice and regaining it within a year each time I’ve finally found my version of a healthy happy lifestyle and freedom from the food addiction that has consumed my entire life. I lost 240lbs in 17 months through healthy boundaries and routine self care and personal development along with plant based supplements. I’m here to help those still struggling on their own journeys to guide and coach them to reaching their own versions of a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Meghan was the 2019 TruTransformation Winner after changing her life and losing 240lbs in just 17 months. Now she is helping others create their own lifestyles they love!

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Reach out so we can work together to create a plan to move you towards the healthy and happy lifestyle you deserve.

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