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For anyone starting out on their own. I recommend making small gradual changes over time and stay consistent. Don’t let the scale determine your mood. Take pics and measure. This is truly a lifestyle transformation. There’s no race to the end and no better prize than a full lifestyle transformation that leaves you happy and healthy!

I encourage you to share your stories to help others. Keeping an active social media account to share my story has been an invaluable tool in keeping me motivated and accountable each day. Believe in yourself and stay consistent. You are worth it!

Theres no faster way to reach your goals then working with a coach. Someone who can help guide you and hold you accountable throughout your journey. For those interested in working on making a lifestyle change with me as a coach please check out my Lifestyle Coaching Page.

Below are a few answers to my most frequently asked questions:

Biggest contributing factor to my success?: keeping an open mind and a positive attitude. There’s no room for negativity and self-doubt in a lifestyle change. Going in I knew I had failed before because I had an all or nothing attitude life isn’t black or white and a healthy happy life isn’t either. I sat down and wrote out my goals and planned my strategy to make gradual lifestyle changes over time but I also planned for setbacks I planned for the unexpected and kept an open mind that I would learn as I went. It wasn’t a maybe this is going to work strategy. It was a I’m doing this no matter what plan I planned to learn as I went and make changes as I learned what worked for me and what didnt.  Originally, I thought it could take over 5 years for me to reach my goals however when I kept an open mind and was positive about the changes I was making it became much easier for me to keep making changes and reach the lifestyle I dared to dream of from the beginning.

What helped get me started?: Rock bottom has built more champions then privilege ever will. I was in my 20s struggling with my mobility. Unable to pick my daughter up without being in pain. I didn’t know how much lower I could go until my obesity finally kill me. My family kept trying to get me to change my sister begged me for weeks to try these supplements but until you decide you want it and are worth it no one can make you do it. I think facing the reality that it was my choices that had led me to such a state of obesity that I was no longer living but just trying to survive each day hit hard. I was tired of the negative self talk. Tired of being sick and tired. I had friends and family that loved me but I wasn’t treating myself like I would someone I loved. I made a promise to myself when I started that I would treat myself like I would a friend or loved one and when I would catch myself falling back into old habits I’d immediately stop and change my negative thought to a positive or constructive one.

Most surprising thing about my journey?: I think the most surprising part of the healthy lifestyle was how much I really loved it. I knew I wasn’t going to focus on restrictive or unhealthy obsessive behaviors this time around but I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy making the changes. Discovering new dinner ideas when I cut out sandwich bread or finding a passion for yoga to help with my binge eating. It showed me that there’s a lot to love about living life. Now I find joy in the small things like how beautiful the weather is on a walk or how much I enjoy reading new story books to my daughter and hearing her laugh or question what’s going to happen next! For years, I was so focused on processed food and what I was eating next that I forgot that life is good!

My favorite part of my journey?: My favorite part of my transformation is my life. Without tru I may never have discovered how much I love helping others or being active. I was lost in a world of negativity caught up in society’s expectation that we should always want more comparing what we have or don’t have to others.  When I slowed down and focused on my life and the life I thought I wanted a realized the most important parts of life aren’t what we look like or what we have but what we can do and what we do to help others. Our stories all start and end the same: we are born and we die it’s up to use to choose how we spend the time in between that makes it a good story or not.

My biggest Top health tip?: limit processed food. If it’s been bleached chemically changed or added to its probably not that healthy for you. Before I eat anything, I ask myself is this helping me reach my goals or not. Surprisingly sometimes giving yourself permission to have a treat may help you reach your goal by not living so strict. For me it wasn’t all or nothing its balance.

How do I stay motivated?: Motivation will come and go. Find your why and put it somewhere you see it daily. stick to your plan and stay consistent. If you don’t feel like doing your normal routine don’t skip it instead ask yourself what can I do instead that will also help me reach this goal?

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