How I Started…

For years I struggled with diets. Failure after failure led me to believe it was my fault and I was doomed to remain unhealthy and unhappy because I was flawed. But my sister believed in me she knew I just needed a little help to get myself on the right path.

Since I was obese my entire life my body never knew what healthy felt like. I had intense cravings every time I tried to restrict myself on diets my blood sugar would spike and crash causing me to be miserable and “cheat” on my diet and myself. Stress and emotional eating for years had caused me to develop a food addiction. Never a minute out of the day was I thinking about anything other then eating or how much pain I was in. I’d developed painful arthritis flare ups due to years of abuse my extreme obesity had done to my body.

I started out focusing on eating more natural, fermented foods and less processed and sugar added ones. I made a small commitment to myself I would do 10 min of purposeful activity a day starting out. I felt so good I just knew this time was different and kept a positive mindset.

During my journey I did various things I loved like yoga dancing and eventually worked my way up to 30 min workouts and 10k steps a day. 

I continue to eat clean with a lot of gut healthy fermented foods.  I rarely crave sugar and feel amazing. My body feels best when I’m fueling it rather then my emotions. I want to make healthy choices now.

I’m so thankful I never gave up on myself, and my sister never gave up on me. I can’t imagine what my life would be like by now if I had. Or if Id even be here as my legs had started developing circulatory issues and were swollen painful and purple. I couldn’t walk more then a few steps without getting breathless and was in pain just sitting at a desk.

Now I share my story and tools I used on mine journey with others so they know they can do it too. I truly believe as a former 420lb food addict, if I can do this anyone can.

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