I don’t miss my trigger foods…

I don’t miss my trigger foods.

There I said it. Yes I have foods I choose not to eat. Does that mean I can’t have them? Nope. At any time at any day I can choose to reintroduce a food into my life.

Do I? Rarely. Because honestly I don’t miss them.

I don’t miss bread. I don’t miss snack cakes. I don’t miss fried foods. I don’t miss pasta.

I don’t miss most processed foods anymore because I replaced my love of these foods with a love of living life.

I don’t miss pizza crust. I don’t miss flour based products. I don’t miss fast food.

I would miss my clearer skin. I would miss my extra energy. I would miss my ability to move as much as I do now.

Some people can eat these foods in moderation. But I couldn’t. So I choose to say no.

No thank you I don’t want that over stuffed feeling. No thank you I don’t want enough sodium to put down a horse. No thank you I don’t want that gross post excess greasy meal feeling. No thank you.

I cut them out not for good per say but for a break. So I didn’t have to fight myself to stop mid binge. But when I said no thank you more and more I realized over time I didn’t really miss them all that much. Actually I didn’t miss them at all.

They were just a distraction. A filler. They weren’t fueling my body or my mind. Just clouding it. Hiding from myself how little I was enjoying life. Living my life with my head buried in a cheeseburger or 3. Now I get a rush from problem solving. Find peace in prayer. And comfort from my friends. Turns out my biggest trigger foods were some of the easiest things to cut out of my life in the long run….

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