I gained weight

A repost from my personal social media

I gained weight because of:

Many moons ago I could fill in the blanks with as many answers as I had excuses….breakups,work, being a single mom,  family tradition, addicted to food, emotional eating, mobility issues, I had a list a mile long.

I lost weight because:
Ive also used a lot of reasons for this one as well my family, my health, being a single mom, to be proud of how i look.

In reality theres only one way to correctly fill in both of the blanks.

I gained weight because of my choices
I lost weight because of my choices

Your reasons why have nothing to do with your results. Your results come from your actions. Your decisions. Your choices. Each and every day.
You have so much freedom in determining your future because your life is in your hands. You decide which direction your going. It’s on you. No one else. Nothing else. It’s you. It’s always been you.
Honesty within yourself is one of the hardest parts of weightloss. Fat loss and fitness boils down to a science. You can have challenges and hurdles to overcome but in the end it’s up to you to decide if you’ll keep moving forward or use those obstacles as excuses to go in a different direction an easier one. At anytime anyday you can choose to fight for yourself or you can choose to give up. It’s your choice.
Everyday is a new beginning full of lots of new choices.

Which choice will you make today?

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