I made this my own…make yours fit you

Repost from earlier this year

“The only special consideration she receives is on the roster…her weight is not listed”

I never asked for that. I was told that it was to keep anyone from making fun of me. I remember replying “but they already know I’m fat”

At the age of 30 I’m an open book age weight what I eat where I go I’ll tell you just about anything about myself. But back then being told your weight is something to be embarrassed of…that was hard

Weights just a number. there’s no number that can tell you congrats now you’re officially healthy. But after gaining weight after your forced to quit playing rugby then gaining more weight after having kids and even more weight after becoming a single mom and you wake up one day and weigh 420 lbs at 5’8 you know what’s not healthy.

I feel so blessed to have underwent this journey. As time goes on I cant stop feeling like I need to share my story. Somewhere out there is someone who needs to see it can be done.

🌟single mom struggling to make ends meet ❤ I was too you can do it
🌟struggling with medical issues brought on by a lifetime of obesity ❤ I was too you can do it
🌟been overweight your whole life ❤ me too you can do it
🌟gained weight after kids or a stressful life event❤ guess what me too you can do it

I did it without fad diets without extreme workouts without wraps without surgery. I may not have a degree in health and nutrition (its actually in applied economic management) but I know myself and I used what I knew about myself to develop a plan that works for me 😁

Lifestyle changes dont happen overnight but with time commitment and positivity you can do it!

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