I wanted to be great…

Growing up I wanted to be great…I didnt know what I wanted to be great at but just felt like whatever I did I wanted to be great at IT.

At 8 I envisioned myself as a eye doctor. At 12 a corporate CEO and I’d live in the suburbs with a house decorated in black and white decor with stainless steel appliances.

In college, age 18, I envisioned myself as a trusty financial advisor with people lined up out the door willing to take my advice on which investments to make to make them all wealthy.

My second job out of college, At 22 , I went into lending envisioning myself into becoming a regional manager one day managing several states full of successful branches…but I felt like I was helping more people into bankruptcy at rates at 36% then being great.

At 27 I was over 400lbs and envisioned myself dying in my sleep so the back pain would finally stop that didnt feel so great…

Today at 31 I feel like I still havent completely figured out what my great IT is but I FEEL great and THAT I want to share…

I’ve learned I cant chase a paycheck for the rest of my life it hasn’t brought me wealth or success so I’m focusing on chasing my passion. Chasing a purpose. Helping others however I can. I’m not going to force or create a false sense of enthusiasm for a job that would not have sent flowers to my funeral if I did die.

Life is meant to be lived not just spent watching the time pass away while we pour our heart soul and time into someone elses dreams. Having a job doesnt take away your right to persue your passions.

What did you dream about becoming as a kid?

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