I was tired…

I was 6 years younger in the first picture but felt 20 years older then I am now.

I ate processed prepackaged foods. I ate fast food at least 7 times a week. I drank soda by the gallons. I couldnt stick to a workout plan for more then a few days. The closest thing to a veggie I would eat was potatos and baked beans.

I needed help. My blood chemistry was out of wack. I’d go through sugar withdrawals and my taste buds were toast after years of chemically prepackaged sugar foods had me convienced if there wasnt sugar in it then I didnt want it.

I loved my daughter but hated being alive. The back pain was severe then but at 420lbs it was unbearable. I spent a lot of time feeling alone even in a crowded room. My legs were turning purple and blotchy. I couldn’t breathe putting on shoes. I had low standards for the way i allowed others to treat me and even lower for how I treated myself. I wasnt making the most of my life. By 2017 I was waiting to die in my sleep. I had taught my 3 year old to get her own snacks and drinks… just in case….I never woke up. I wasnt afraid of death i actually day dreamed about it but terrified of something happening to Macyn before someone found her.

My life is totally different now. I found the help I needed. I found a supportive group to help me feel like I mattered. I got off the sugar train and found a new energy. A energy to live and love life. An energy to drive me to do more. Be more. Stay here longer with my daughter. I’m no longer waiting to die but racing to live life and make the most of what time I do have.

Lifes to short to waste it unhappy. Find what lights you. Find what inspires you. Find your happiness. You deserve it.

newme #yourworthit #foodaddiction #gettingwell #lifechanges #nevergiveup

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