I won’t give up on you…

I wont give up on you. No matter how many times you fall. No matter how many times you stop and restart. No matter how many times life got in the way. No matter your past. I wont give up on you.

Because I’ve been there. I’ve had all the best intentions and watched myself fall flat. Ive made promises to myself and broke them when life got in the way. Ive lied to myself and told myself tomorrow I’ll do better. Ive been there. Trust me. Not once but twice I lost 100lbs and then gained it back within a year.

I wont give up on you so dont you give up again. Dont tell yourself it’s not worth another try. Dont tell me you cant do it.

I’ll be here watching and cheering rooting and praying. People gave up on me. Drs gave up on me. People told me i was just meant to be a big girl. I just was a person that loved food. But I only really needed one person to believe in me. That person was myself. If I didnt believe I could I never would have tried.

My sister believed I could and kept insisting until I finally believed it too. So if no one is telling you can do it. Know this. I am.

It’s possible. Its within your reach. No many how many times you fall get back up and try again. Learn from the past and move forward and never look back unless it’s to help pull someone else up.

It’s worth it. You’re worth it. I know it. Now you just need to as well.

#seemeghanshrink #youcandoit #positivity #keepgoing

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