If I never failed…

So by now everyone knows my career change didn’t work out…but I’m not mad about it. Begging friends and family for quotes just wasn’t my thing.
My district manage actually sat at my desk and told me “you need to beg if they are your friend they will buy” 🤢 talk about an uneasy feeling.

When I made a switch from lending to sales my mom told me whatever you sell make sure your passionate about it.

While protecting property and families is important work. Trying to teach people why they should care and be willing to pay more just wasnt for me.

BUT because I took a risk then I’ve now earned a trip to Hawaii Orlando and been able to spend an extended summer with Macyn during one of the most unprecedented times we can remember… Because I failed at something I won something even better. Freedom from high pressure sales. Freedom to come and go as I please. Freedom to travel. Freedom to set my own hours.. Freedom to self develop help others and lead a better work life balance with my daughter.

So no I don’t regret leaving a company with set business hours that furloughed half their employees a few months ago. I dont miss selling people loans at 36% I don’t miss collection calls. I dont miss getting cussed out on Christmas eve and told im running christmas for their children. I dont miss begging friends and family members to run them a quote. I dont miss late night in home visits with the intent to sell. I just dont miss it.

Glad I did it. Because it taught me what I dont like. What I’m not willing to do in my happy and healthy life. So now Ive been writing a book growing a team creating tools to help others and can move forward and grow an empire of beautiful women of all shapes and sizes inspiring and motivating other beautiful women who just dont realize their potential yet.

If I never failed. I never would have made it this far. So count your failures as a blessing as long as you learned from them it was worth it!

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