It matters…

Your story can inspire more people then those you meet. Your story will travel when you choose to share it with the world. Your story has value no matter what your current income level is.

Today I looked down at my necklace and remember the words that the woman that gave it to me often repeats…it matters to one. Based off a short story of a girl tossing starfish back into the ocean. She cant save them all but she can make a difference to many.

You dont have to be strong or rich or funny or pretty to make a difference in someone’s life. When you touch someone and change their mind set give them hope or inspiration. You are doing something no feat of strength can do. When you help someone see that there is a reason to keep fighting each and everyday your doing something money could never buy. When you show someone your life doesnt need to be perfect to be grateful your sharing more then your story your sharing a mindset.

When you embrace that your purpose in life is to help others you free yourself from the burdens and needless stress that the day to day life can bring. Working on finding my passion to truly help others and continue this wave of positivity and gratitude that only serving others can bring.

Lifes like a wave what we push out grows in our circles. When we stop pushing out stress and negativity and start pushing gratitude and service we see that grow and push out way past our own selves. It spreads to other who continue to spread that same positive energy and grateful mind.

Be the energy you want to see. Because at the end of the day even if you’ve only touched 1 person you can never truly know how many that 1 can touch as well.


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