It’s Time…Deal with it

I heard a song yesterday called “a beer cant fix” it’s about how theres no problem a beer cant fix and the artist sings of all the problems a beer can “fix” for them. From hangovers to asking women out on dates.

But heres the thing. Beer cant fix problems. Food cant fix problems. TV cant fix problems. These aren’t problem solvers they’re distracters. Theyre usually time wasters or even more smaller problem makers. They can distract you from your issues. Make you feel numb to the emotions your problems create. But at some point you have to wake up and handle your own shit. Deal with it.

The most productive people in life choose what task they least want to do and do it first thing. Get it out of the way. Go about their day and life after they have the heaviest weight lifted off of their shoulders. Dont hide from your emotions. Dont ignore the red flags and warning signs. Dont distract yourself from your problems by piling more problems on your plate. We are all adults now and it’s time we learn to handle our own shit as it comes.

It’s hard. I know. No one wants to open that case of emotional trauma and messy life that weve been stacking up and hiding in the box in the corner. Hell I’m still sorting out emotional baggage that I have managed to pack away in the back of my mind to deal with later for years. I’m discovering that the emotional problems I put off for later has even more layers of emotional trauma buried underneath that I still need to address.

Stop putting life off until later. Handle your shit and deal with it. Then you can learn from it use it going forward and start not fresh but experienced. More vulnerable but secure in your sense of self worth and who you truly are.

When I saw this picture for the first time I believe God spoke to me…I have blessed you with a passion yet you continue to deny it and pursue your own agenda do not let fear and lack of foresight stop you from fully persuing my purpose for you.

I got the message. It took me a while to realize I still need to handle my fear and limiting beliefs but I’m here now… I’m ready to deal with it.

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