Keep Fighting

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Nothing taste as good as healthy feels!

Overcoming an eating disorder is hard.
Getting moving when you have arthritis is hard.
Taking those first few steps to a healthier lifestyle can be hard.
Being a single parent was hard .
Life can be hard.

Without all these challenges success wouldnt feel as good. Everyone’s fighting their own daily battles. We can live in misery and pain always focusing on the negative.

Or you can choose to focus on the positive take it a day at a time. Focus on the positives in your life and use that positive energy to help you fight each days battles. Your battling for a better future because the choices you make today will determine the paths you go down in the future.

Today I’m fighting for a healthy future. One without the pain and disease that comes with obesity. A future when I can move and enjoy time with the kids. A future without the challenges that come with being grossly overweight. An easier future then the reality I was facing at 420 lbs.

Take that stand today and fight for an easier future for yourself.

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