Life happens…whether you worry or not

I wrote this exactly a year ago and found it comforting to reread today. So I’m sharing it here…

Relationships. Promotions. Relocations. Deaths. Births. Houses. Friends.

I use to get scared thinking about what ifs…
What if this or that could lead to catastrophic events. Life altering events. Mainly worrying about all the bad things that could come.
That’s no way to live. Spending time worrying about things that hasn’t happened yet isnt productive or healthy. Can you work to prevent things from happening sure. Makes sense. Preventative maintenance is a key part of a healthy life style. But to sit around worrying about what ifs that’s not healthy. I did it all the time. I was so wrapped up in what could go wrong I wasn’t enjoying life.

I had a high risk pregnancy and hated it. I worried the whole time. What if was a big cloud of dread I lived with every day. I cried. I stressed. I was in the hospital. Then on bedrest. Just worrying from day 1. I’m extremely blessed everything turned out fine then. I worried for nothing. But I felt like back then if I didnt worry then something bad would actually happen. Not everyone is so lucky but whether someone worries or not wont change an outcome that only God or fate has control of.

I’ve done this my whole life until Dec 2017 I made it a goal to give up the worrying about things that havent happened and just let myself enjoy life as it comes. Am I always successful no. BUT I’m working on it. I write down things I’m looking forward to to help me focus on the positives and take my mind off those what if thoughts that float through my head. I make it a goal to do something I enjoy every day. Give myself something positive to look forward to.

While not every day is sunshine and roses we have to count our blessings and remember to enjoy those sunny days instead of just worrying about what storms lie ahead.

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