Looking back last year…

Repost from 1 year ago…

I woke up today with a sense of adventure and excitement! Ready to explore relax and play. There was no sense of unease of others judging my skin or fear of not fitting in my bathing suit. I told mike yesterday on the way here was the first time I could honestly say I saw a weightloss billboard and not be interested.

Crazy how your life can change. For so long I wanted to be “normal” look “normal” be a “normal” size.

While I cant say I’ll ever look normal I can say choosing to change the focus of my life from how I looked to how I live has made a massive difference.

Today I choose to focus on being grateful appreciative and humble. I’m grateful for god giving me this day. I appreciate the hard work that got me here and I’m humbled by the beauty of nature around me.

Im saddened to think of how long I focused on myself fitting in looking the same and the way others perceived me when there is so much more out there that can bring you so much more peace and happiness.

The people that live here lost everything last year but they returned and rebuilt their lives from scratch because they understand its not your possessions that make you happy. It’s not how you look or what you have that makes you happy. Happiness is a state of mind. Its truely very easy to see why this place makes them happy. Because every minute I spend here I’m reminded of just how small my life problems are compared to the grand scheme of the universe. Nature is a beautiful gift we are just given to enjoy while we are here for a short time.

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