Love or Hate?

When starting a lifestyle change to lose weight:  you can hate yourself skinny or you can love yourself strong

When you reach that goal weight:  you’ll hate yourself skinny or love yourself strong

Your weight wont change how you feel about yourself. Only you can.

I love myself just as much my first day of my journey as I do right now. Nothing grinds my gears as much as when people assume I’m more of a person or a better person now that I’ve reached a new level of fitness.

Self love has nothing to do with your appearance. Obese people are just as worthy and important as those with a healthy BMI. Someone doesnt automatically become less of a person if they gain a few pounds and slip into an overweight range.

When I was super morbidly obese people tended to act like I wasnt there. It felt like they didnt want me to exist because I made them feel uncomfortable. They avoided eye contact would look away if I walked by.

Everyone is human. We all deserve to be treated fairly.

I remember looking for a job and being told it would be a lot easier if you were smaller. You know what? It was true. Still have the same degree but after I lost weight my options expanded exponentially.

It’s not fair. It’s not right. It’s not going to change unless people take action. If you see something say something.

Everyone deserves the same opportunities. The same chance to live a productive and happy life. You never know what someone has been through what they are dealing with but we do know everyone is human.

Let’s all start acting like it.

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