Meal Prep Lunch Burrito Bowls !

Meal Prep is a game changer for busy moms. In the time it takes to make one meal you can have up to a weeks worth of healthy lunches for less then $2.50 a plate (well bowl)!


2 lbs of chicken tenders

1 can of black beans

1 can of fajita corn

1 can of tomatoes with green chili’s

Texas Chipotle Seasoning

2 packs of brown rice

Avocado (optional)


Prepare chicken tenders with Texas Chipotle seasoning and rice as desired (i used a pressure cooker/air fryer to multi task!)

Rinse canned veggies and assemble in microwave save container along with cooked chicken and rice.

Top with fresh Avocado 🥑 or desired salsa. I like to sprinkle in a nice Mexican cheese blend as well but its up to you!

Store in the fridge until ready to heat up

And enjoy!

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