Meghans Lifestyle Transformation Journal Set up

An updated version of my recommended Lifestyle Journals for my coaching customers. Can be found here.

Meghan’s Lifestyle Journal Example: (This is an example you dont have to use all of it or even any of it. However it includes the key areas that I feel helped me be successful on my own journey.)

Todays Intention_________________________________________________________

3 Things To Do Today *(3 things you want to accomplish or do today)

  • .
  • .
  • .

Food Journal * All snacks should be fruits or veggies. Look at what you’re eating and ask how you can make it a little bit healthier. You don’t need to eat at all designated times but should be eating small meals throughout the day. Write Whole Foods in Green (i.e. Apples, Oranges, Celery, tomatoes cut or cooked included), Semi processed foods in Yellow (i.e. peanut butter, grains, cheeses) Highly processed foods in Red (boxed foods with more than 3 ingredients). Don’t need exact measurements but should include amount (i.e. 1 large pizza or a handful of grapes):


Morning Snack:


Afternoon Snack:


Evening Snack:

Water I Drank Today:

How I felt:

How much Sleep I had last night:

Min 10 min of daily intentional movement (cleaning, yoga, walking, jogging, hiit, weights, kettlebells, stairs, any type of purposeful movements):

Notes: (use this space to fill in what you felt went well today how you think you could improve and how you will do better tomorrow as well as any other notes you’d like to make. NEVER use this space to make excuses or talk negatively about yourself. Keep it Productive.)

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