Motherhood changes things. .

“Successful Mothers are not the ones who have never struggled they are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles.”

I use to be embarrassed by my past. Afraid people would judge me. Hated looking at my old pics and deleted most of them especially full body photos. When I look back on pics I’m not just looking at an image but immediately start remembering all the trials and tribulations that I was experiencing at that time. All the times I didnt think I was good enough.

My food addiction and low self esteem led me to have a pretty low standard of living. Hell let’s just say I had low standards all the way around.

But I’ve always done my best to be a good mother.
After Macyn was born I told myself I was switching to a healthier lifestyle. It lasted less then a month. I felt like a failure. Just knew I wasnt enough.

Then my income became the only income in the household. I had to work pay for daycare household bills car payments food all on me while raising a baby. After over a year I still didnt think I was enough to do it on my own. Then one day it wasnt about me being or not being enough. It became what’s best for Macyn. What’s the right thing to do for Macyn.

When I wasnt strong enough to do something for myself somehow I was strong enough to do it for her.
Maybe not the first time the second time or even a third. But I know when Macyn thinks back to her childhood she will remember one thing… She was enough. Shes always been enough to keep me fighting for a better life for her every single day.

The day I had my daughter is the day that my life became OUR life and 2 hearts are always stronger then one. I know with her by my side we will always be enough to keep me fighting through anything.

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