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Talking about your experiences and the medical and mental effects of obesity isn’t fatshaming.

If you want to criticize people for fat shaming start with the entertainment industry.

People that share their experiences battling obesity usually aren’t shaming anyone but trying to educate and help others. Most of whom are battling mental illness as well.

Unfortunately some of the biggest fatshamers are usually those overweight themselves. Most of the time they are trying to save themselves from becoming the jokes movies, comedians, and shows popularize by jumping on the opportunity first before anyone else can.

If you want to stop fatshaming let’s start with not laughing about the medical plights of the obese and talk about them as serious consequences instead.

Muffin tops, rolls, batwings, and skin sag are natural. They are also topics of discussion for people of all sizes as body shaming occurs regardless of weight. String bean muscle freak and skinny mini can be just as offensive as the traditional fatshaming names we all know.

Body shaming and fat shaming are neither positive productive or prudent so there is no room for them in my life. If you engage in negative self talk, body or fat shaming with me I’ll flat out walk away or leave you on read. Its a boundary I’ve set for myself as its highly toxic and even occasionally indulging in it can rewire our brains. I wont risk my recovery to placate anyone else’s feelings.

In the last decade I’ve weighed anywhere from 420lbs to 170lbs and experience both fat and body shame at all sizes in-between. So I’m just throwing out my 2 cents!

Have you every body or fatshamed anyone intentionally or unknownly? How often do you participate in fat or body shaming yourself?





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