My reason

My reason why…I dont do diet bets.

My reason why…I dont track calories

My reason why…I dont coach weightloss

My reason why…I dont weigh everyday

My reason why…I dont calorie count

My reason why…I dont focus on my appearance

My reason why…I started a lifestyle change

My reason why…I eat whole healthy foods

My reason why…I focus on changing lifestyles not weightloss

My reason why…I focus on how I feel

My reason why…we eat in moderation

My reason why…I preach our value isnt in how we look but who we are

She has been and forever will be my reason I dont support things that cause our children to develop unhealthy relationships with food and body image issues.

I cant stop her from the exposures the world will throw in her face. The judgement the criticism the self doubt and skepticism of others the fad diets and unhealthy money grabs…But I can show her a better way to live. Be the example she needs to see. Let her know that she doesnt have to be perfect to be perfectly happy with herself. I pray she loves herself half as much as I love her.

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My reason

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