My story

At the end of 2017, I weighed over 400 lbs and had mobility issues due to my weight. I felt out of control with my overeating and stress at work only prompted me to continue to turn to food as a crutch. Each day I woke up and contemplated how I would make it through the day. My weight made everyday activities like getting dressed going to work and playing with my 3-year-old challenging. I had to use a heating pad just to sit at my desk at work comfortably! After many failed diets and false starts, I read up about how gut bacteria are the key to our weight, and how you can change the makeup of your gut bacteria by eating fermented foods. I figured why not give this a shot. Frankly, I was desperate. Although I was skeptical at first I began lose weight, feel energized and felt hope that this could help me!

As a single mother, I felt guilty spending money on myself with lots of expensive fermented food ingredients and recipes, but soon discovered I was actually saving money by eating less and choosing to cook healthier meals at home instead of eating out all the time with my daughter. I had the energy I needed now to start making better health choices like going on short walks with my daughter. As well as losing pounds, instead of watching TV or joining her at the playground instead of sitting on a bench. I continued to feel motivated and became more positive and encouraged that it was working for me!

After 17 months of consistently including fermented foods into my weekly diet, I’m happy to announce I got my life back. To this day, I feel great and still am feeling energetic, positive, and motivated.

Now, my weight loss journey has morphed into a fitness journey. I enjoy training for 5ks with my sister and participate in the 10k Pledge monthly. I’m excited to say I have enough energy to play with my daughter all day on the weekends and enjoy many things in life that I was missing out on due to my former weight issues.

For anyone starting out on their own health transformations, I recommend adding fermented foods to your diet, making small gradual changes over time and stay consistent. Don’t let the scale determine your mood. Take pics and measure. This is truly a lifestyle transformation. There’s no race to the end and no better prize than a full lifestyle transformation that leaves you happy and healthy!

For those currently on their own transformation journey, I encourage you to share your stories to help others. Keeping an active social media account to share my story has been an invaluable tool in keeping me motivated and accountable each day. Believe in yourself and stay consistent. You are worth it!

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